Student protests – not the British way?

Violence broke out during the ‘against uni fees’ protests and London looks somewhat like Berlin of 1989; only milder, but still un-British. There are casualties on both sides (protestors and police), and this gives the feeling that it was a battle between police and protestors, which inevitably leads to the belief that police = politicians, since protestors were raising their voices against the politicians and they got into a fight with the police. Of course, politicians sided with the police while some claim that police overreacted and violence was inevitable. The way I see it, violence was inevitable because people have had enough and the worse things get, the more violence there will be.

Back in 1997 when Labour introduced fees, students raised their voices against these, but they were hushed with ‘diplomacy’ – Oxford Dictionary defines this word as ‘skill and tact in dealing with people’, I like to call it ‘lying’ or in the least case scenario ‘speak a lot say nothing at all’ – and they told us that it won’t be so bad. However, that’s not the reality. As a graduate with a huge debt (yet not as large as these future generations are going to have) I can say with certainty that it is restrictive in every possible way from financial to mental. Hence it is my strong belief that students of today and tomorrow should not back down, should not buy the crap we bought how it’s not big deal and how this will make it ‘fair’. I do not support violence ever, but what else is there to do when tones of bricks are falling and no one seems to mind that you are in the way?


And then Pr Charles happen to be on the receiving end – I thought that was rather poetic. Here is a man who’s birth right is to have the whole nation swear allegiance to him no matter what he does, who found himself, while on his way to the theatre with his wife, in the mist of a violent protest against education being take away as a birth right, on the eve of the anniversary of Human Rights – I think that calls for a toast.

Well, in any case, the final result is that fees are going up. Government has arrogantly (IMO) ignored the masses. The result is very simple – Education is getting closer and closer to being a privilege (I do wonder if the rich got scared that with increase in people going to uni they were losing out on being seen as ‘special’???) and the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider by the day. We all know it. Government knows it. So the real question is: Should violence be permitted if those in power are determined to make our lives worse? My generation didn’t use violence and we believed and what did we get? What happens if the masses are right? We’ll get a pathetic little ‘sorry’ and hundreds of thousands of lives will have passed.

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This is the world of short cut, the evasive answer, the cut corner. Integrity has to hold on by its fingertips to survive. – Pam Brown

Idealists… foolish enough to throw caution to the winds… have advanced mankind and have enriched the world. – Emma Goldman

A reputation for good judgement, for fair dealing, for truth, is itself a fortune. – Henry Ward Beecher

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has enjoyed the admiration and love of good people; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better then he found it. – Bessie Stanley

Achievement doesn’t come from what we are but from who we are. – Marianne Williamson

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. – Emma Goldman

Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness. – Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin

Gentleness is a divine trait: nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing so gentle as real strength. – Ralph Sockman

Only a life lived for others is worth living. – Albert Einstein

To endure is greater than to dare; to tire out hostile fortune; to be daunted by no difficulty; to keep heart when all have lost it – who can say this is not greatness? – William Thackeray

If you propose to speak, always ask yourself: Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind – Gautama Buddha

If your success depends on misusing those about you; opt for failure. – Pam Brown

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Apparently saying that you can’t do something or that you are not good at something means you are putting yourself down???

Is there anyone in this world who thinks they can do it all and are good at everything? Even if there was, can you imagine the level of their arrogance? I believe it should be common knowledge that a human will never be good at everything and therefore when someone claims that they are not good at something they are simply being honest. Perhaps they are even showing signs of being comfortable with their weaknesses and therefore more willing to learn and improve on them. So, when I claim I am not good at something, I assure you I am not putting myself down, I am only stating that that is one of me weaknesses. It does NOT mean that I don’t have strengths! It ONLY means that that particular thing is not one of my strengths. It might even suggest that I am busy working on that.

This kind of goes together with the whole “You can do anything you set your mind to!” 🙂 – err, I beg to differ. On the one hand, how limited would my mind be if all it amounted to was what I (as a human) can accomplish? My mind is much greater than that. On the other hand, what if I got it wrong and realised my mistake somewhere down the line? Well, I think I would change my mind and therefore… Would I come across as flaky? Then there is a ‘third’ hand: my accomplishments don’t depend on me alone; very often there are others involved. So is this really about making sure I get them to think like I do? Because I am generally against that. There are some cases where am I almost sure am I right so I would want to prove my point. But in other cases, when I’m not so sure, I feel it’s about ‘give and take’.

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Introduction of sorts :)

Most people know about Bosnia from the news. The 1992-95 war (as it’s called now) has put the country on the map. It’s a bit of a sorry statment, in my opinion, to say that if it wasn’t for a bloody war no one would know about the country; but there we are. For those who are still somewhat clouded as to where Bosnia is geographically let me explain: Italy has Med. sea to the west and Adriatic sea to the east. If you take a floating device of some sort (ship, boat, whatever) and you cross the Adriatic sea you are likely to get to Croatia. Just keep going a bit further and you’ll find yourself in Bosnia.

There are still so many things unclear about Bosnia. Many people (including the inhabitants of the region) are completely confused about what’s going on. Recently I exchanged a number of messages over facebook page with a couple of Serbs (I think one of them was a Serb from Serbia and the other was a Serb from Bosnia). I think I will publish those posts here and work from them to explain further.There are 5 people: Me – well, that’s self explanatory; H: Only one post, so I’m not sure, I think he is from Serbia too; N: the guy I think is from Serbia, a numebr of posts; D: the guy I think is a ‘Bosnian-Serb’, a number of posts; and Na: clearly a girl from Bosnia, and just Bosnian, one post.

Me (opening post on American Senetor profile page): I’m of the opinion that NATO finally steping in to stop Serbia from distroying its neighbours so that they can create ‘Great Serbia’ (yes! this is what it was all about, I remember the plackards all over my town in central Bosnia at the start of the 1990’s) is the best thing NATO did for the Balkans.

H: Oh yes bombing of serbia was a little exercise for NATO then, they have used bombs with poured uranium on people and caused after cancer and health problems of people. Very sick. And then they have throw their garbage of bombs in Adriatic sea. Well done you are the boses.Everyone is a man with a riifle hahah. Fight with ideas not with bombs!

N: Raspad Jugoslavije nije zapocet idejom stvaranja Velike Srbije kao sto kazes i ne 1990 godine…za tvoju informaciju plan za raspad je nacinjen mnogo ranije i to u prvoj polovini 80-tih godina tj.odmah nakon smrti Tita….Napravljen je od strane Amerike i nekoliko Evropskih zemalja(V.Britanija,Nemacka,Francuska itd)a sve sa ciljem da se razbije … See Morejedna velika vojna sila kakva je SFRJ u to vreme i bila(medju prvih 10 u svetu i 4 u Evropi)a sve zbog bojazni da ce se takva sila u buducnosti prikloniti vec tada najavljenom vojnom savezu(neka vrsta pandama NATO-u)-Indija,Kina,Pakistan i tadasnji SSSR…..eto……ako nisi znala…a ocigledno nisi

A i H ti je lepo rekao…..Bombardovali su nas radioaktivnim bombama……Bosna nije daleko….uz malo vetra eto radijacije i kod vas

Me: N… Ja se nadame da mi neces zamjerit da ti odgovorim na engleskom, samo da bi i drugi razumjeli, a ti si ocigledno vec razumio sta sam ja napisala na engleskom…When you claim that it was UK, France, Germany etc who platted to split Yugoslavia I find it hard to believe. I don’t think they minded it or that they tried to prevent it, however… See More, we Bosnians didn’t live a good life whilst part of Yug. – we can talk about this for a long time. There were many other things that started long before 80’s which led to the war in the 90’s – again a very long topic. The radiation you speak of – prove it! Plus, for us Bosnians, after years of consuming old cancerous food (the only kind available), living with no water, electricity; being shot at all the time by people we considered our friends and neighbours etc etc… that radiation means very little in comparison. To be honest, when it comes to Serbia, I do feel very sorry for ordinary, potentialy good people who live there because the media in Serbia did nothing but lie. I have a friend who went to Belgrade during the war and she had to leave because she could not believe how much they lied in the media. To give you an example: they showed a picture of people hanging on trees, they claimed those were ‘Serb’ bodies! The truth is the picture was taken in an area where there are no trees and there never were, let alone that someone hang anyone on the mythical trees. However, to people of Serbia (and even Macedonia) this was the truth, and this spread the hatret and inspired the war and prolonged it. And you are right about Yugoslav army being so strong, yet when Bosnia (i.e. Bosnian civilians) was attacked by that army, we were not even given a chance to defend ourselves – the story of how Bosnia survived at all is really quite miraculous and I am sure there are many who still can’t believe it happened. When Bosnia was finally strong enough to fight, the Americans decided that was a good time to step in and ‘impose’ the Dayton; now we are fighting that. So forgive me for not being quite so ready to buy anything that anyone says. We are just trying to put the lies already told out, and give the world the truth. And we are just fighting to have a normal country. That’s the only thing we ever wanted since the moment we became independant. Did you know that Tito once said that the steel factory in Zenica is powerful enough to sustain the whole of Yugoslavia? Now it’s in hands of Mital. Ruined. And Bosnia remains poor, yet poluted – so this is what we want to cure.

N (me addressing N): I am all for fighting with ideas and sharing info and talking and getting our issues sorted out that way; rather than wasting our lives and killing – after all most of the killing happened in Bosnia not Serbia; so it is natural that Bosnians would be more passionate about ‘no killing’ then Serbs. I wish they talked more back then.

Just one more thing: All that said, I will be danmed if I just sit back and watch Serbia or anyone, kill thousands of my people and take half of my beautiful country as a reward… I wouldn’t expect you or anyone to just sit back and watch something like that happen; would you?

D: No one has taken your country .
Because of that the war started in Bosnia .
Because teritory .
Serbs lived in Bosnia long ago before you became muslims ,and you could not deal with that .
The Serbs started the war because you and Croats was against tbem and because you wanted to eliminate ili “protjerati” from Bosnia …. See More
The Croats did that in Croatia and Serbs would not let this in Bosnia happen .
When Karadžić offered Izetbegović that Bosnia remains hole (three entitys in one country ) where Croats,Muslims and Serbs would be the majority ,Izetbegović first was for that .
After nine days on behalf of the Americans he rejected .
Read history and what happened in that time and not how somebody killed somebody .
The hole world knows that Bosnian Muslims had the most victims120 000 .
Serbs 37500 .
Croats 15000-20000 .

Me: D, what you say is 100% untrue! Total and complete lies!!! Half of Bosnia is currently called Republika Srbska and now they are trying for independance – which was to be expected. No one should have given Serbs any part of Bosnia, in fact Serbs should have been punished for what they did in Bosnia. You can visit Bosnia even now, after all … See Morethey have done and Bosnians are still trying to live with all its citizens even those who have prove to love neighbouring countries more then Bosnia, if they love Bosnia at all.

When the war started in Bosnia only Serb population was armed; why? Because they were the only ones who expected a war and knew it was coming. Why? Well, figure that out for your self. Bosnians were so unprepared for war we didn’t even leave enough food, let alone guns and radio equipment and lots of other things – this ALONE proves who was to blame for the war. And yet there are so many other things.

Serbs still play victim. It is time they woke up and realise that lies are the ones who got us into this mess. “Lies always win the first battle, but truth wins the last”

Check again which country existed first: Serbia or Bosnia? And please don’t mix in the ‘Muslims’ part in this, it only complicates things for no reason. Majority of people who live in Bosnia say they believe in Islam, but we NEVER wanted an Islamic country and we don’t believe that can or should ever be done. Do you think ‘Serbs’ is a religion? Is Serbia a religion or a nation? It can’t be both. I have nothing gainst Bosnian Orthodox (and I never will) since they are patriotic to Bosnia and they are in no way anything like ‘Bosnian-Serbs’ – please don’t mix the two. thanks

N: A ja cu ti Meliha odgovoriti na nasem….Zar stvarno mislis da se svi mi nismo mogli mirno razici….Nemoj pominjati Veliku Srbiju jer ja mogu odgovoriti kontra optuzbom pa reci stvarenje nove muslimanske drzave u Evropi(a poznato je da su Muslimanske snage finansirane sredstvima Muslimanskih zemalja).Ja sam Srbin.Rodjen sam 1972 i vaspitavan da … See Morepostujem sve ljude,da ih ne cenim po veri i rasi,vec potome kakvi suIsto tako vaspitavam i svoju decu.Gledajuci sa te strane ja jesam nacionalista.Kao sto si i ti i bilo koji Musliman,Hrvat,Slovenac,Makedonac,Crnogorac….to je normalno

I medju nama i medju vama je bilo zlocina….svakome su njegove zrtve teze….Cela bivsa Juga je bila unapred odredjena za novi Vijetnam,samo ovoga puta,bez (ili sto je moguce manje)ucesca drugih,a narocito Amerikanaca….Oni su samo zalozili vatru,a ulje je samo prokljucalo….I jos nesto….Ako je svrha NATO-a unistenje terorizma,zasto je … See Moreproizvodnja droge u Avganistanu porasla za celih 140 posto od kad su trupe NATO-a usle u tu zemlju…..Nemoj da se zavaravamo,NATO nikome dobro nije doneo niti ce doneti

I jos nesto…..period raspadanja uranijuma je stotinu pa i hiljadu godina…..kazu da se broj bacenih uranijumskih bombi u Srbiji meri sa 10 bacenih bombi na Hirosimu….Sta mislis….koliko je vremena potrebno da se broj obolelih od malignih bolesti u Bosni poveca za 40 posto…..Jer,za 40 posto je povecan broj obolih u Srbiji od 2004 godine do danas…..u pitanju je tih 5-6 godina….To je sto se Srbije tice…..koliki procenat ce biti u regionu,pokazace vreme

D: Pusti Melihu i njenu priću o agresiji .
Ko što je ovdje svi pričaju(Muslimani,Hrvati)
Ja živim u Bosni i ako čovjek želi da zna šta je prava istina i kako je bilo neposredno prije rata onda se treba gledati objektivno .
Jer onakva država moćna kakva je bila nažalost bila je ranjiva .
Amerikanci uz pomoć Njemaca su uspjeli da je razjebu veoma jednostavno…. See More
Primjenili su učenja Harry Lynch-a .
Pogledajte na Google koje taj ćiko bio .
Ukratko ućenja su mu vrlo jednostavna .
Obično je primjenjivan na crnim robljem gotovo 350 god.
I danas se prakticira u nekim djelovima te zemlje slobode i blagostanja .
Zavadi mlade crnce i stare crnce,muškarce protiv žena ,djecu protiv roditelja i tako dalje .
Tako kad su uspjeli toliko ljudi iste rase držati pod kontrolom kakve smo mi onda šanse imali kad nas ima i pravoslavaca,muslimana,katolika,ateista itd.
Jer ovdje kako se priča da su Srbi ugnjetavali sve ljude je priča za malu djecu .
Ja dolazim iz Zenice koja je imala najaču industrijsku zonu u Jugoslaviji .
23 000 je ljudi radilo u toj fabrici prije rata .
Ukupno je bilo 60% muslimana(bošnjaka) i 40% (hrvata i srba) .
Sada je nakon protjerivanja 92% muslimana(bošnjaka) i 8% hrvata i srba .
Tako da nisu samo jedni protjerivali kako svi (federacija) govore Meliha .
Moraš gledat ukupnu sliku.
Nije Tito đabe govorio bratstvo i jedinstvo može da nas sačuva .
Očito je to totalno bilo zaboravljeno sa svih strana pri kraju 20 stoljeća .
I mene je najviše stid što smo se dali zavadit da ubijamo komšije s kojima smo do juće pili kafu ili protjerivali ih iz stanova .

Me: N: Here is your first problem: I quote what you said “You are a nationalist as am I and any Muslim, Croat, Slovinien…” Muslim is a religion, not a nationality! I love Bosnia and all the people in Bosnia. In fact I have nothing against Serbia or Croatia except that they are the cause of problems in Bosnia. They are welcome to come to Bosnia … See Morebut they MUST be treated as strangers; i.e. they can NOT be in my government. They are welcome as guests, provided they have right documentation (like in any country), but they can not be in my government. As long as they call them selves Serbs, Croats, English, French, they are foreign citizens and MUST have different rights in Bosnia then citizens of Bosnia. I have nothing against Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, Gypsies, Chinese, nonbelivers etc because they are all religions; however I do have something against nations who are still medling into Bosnia.

your second problem is that ‘we are all equal’. Excuse me but Bosnians did not go to Serbia or Croatia to kill!!! We are NOT all equal. Yes, there were victims on all sides, what did you expect? It should be common knowledge that when you go to a war you can expect to die; in Bosnian war many humanitarians, journalists etc died. This is why we should do everything to prevent a war.

I am trying to stay clear of other countries because they are complicating matters and I see no point in going that way. Do I sound like I’m under some illusion that the wester countries are our friends and they have Bosnia’s best interests at heart? Give me a beark. But blame where balme is due. None of them forced Serbia to do what it did. And yes, back at the start of 1990’s Bosnians thought we would go our seperate ways peacefully, hence we prepared in NO way for the war. And we could have and should have gone our seperate ways peacefully. And I am sure it would have if it were not for the idea of Greater Serbia. Its too late to claim that was never an idea… check back and you will see that it really was. And if it wasn’t, then how about we scrap Republika Srpska and make Bosnia one country, as it should be. Surely at least now ‘Serbs’ have come to know that no one ever intended to kill or chase them out of Bosnia (just go to Sarajevo, Zenica, any place in Bosnia and see for yourself – and bare in mind that we still live with Serbs who have betrayed us so very recently and we have made peace with them. And when you find that is the case ask yourself if it is reasonable to think that Bosnians would have ever killed any of its citizens). Plus, if you can find one shred of evidence that we were ever building a Muslim country in Bosnia and I mean things like placards that say ‘Join us so that we can make Bosnia an Islamic country’ (the way I have see in Bosnia in 1991/92 with regards to Greater Serbia) then we can go back and discuss this… And it will be a LONG discussion.

If you have serious case against the NATO with regards to the people who are now ill with the desease directly connected to the ‘bombing’ I suggest you take them to court. But your case has to be really good!

D… How about we all become just Bosnians? Forget Serbia, Forget Croatia (treat them as next door neighbours, respected guests, foreign countries), forget What America, or UK, or France, Germany or any other country did, lets look to the future as one nation, the nation of just pure Bosnians? How about that? Whatever your religion, keep it … See Morein your heart, respect it and expect others to respect it (you will already have my respect, so long as your religion does not ask you to do something against human rights; believe in whatever you want to believe from nothing to science to divinity to whatever; stones if you will), and lets all just be Bosnians. Whatever happened happened; lets face it we anit ever gona get justice, the best we can get is a chance for a good future, which we can only achieve if we unite, so lets unite as just Bosnians? Do you want to? Can you call yourself for example ‘Bosnian, religion orthodox’ or ‘Bosnian, catholic by religion’ etc and forget Serbia/Croatia?

Na: So serbs still see themselves as victims? :doh:

Vidis taj civjet na njenoj slici? Eh to ti je cvijet unikatan za Bosnu. Mi ga zovemo zlatni ljiljan. On je bio na zastavi karalja Bosne koji nije bio musliman, i kada je Bosna bila najjaca. Mi smo iz tog razloga izabrali taj simbol da nam bude na zastavi. Medjutim neka budala je insistirala da je to… See More simbol muslimana i da ga se moramo rijsit. Bosna sada ima totalno bezveze zastavu, koja nema nikakve veze sa nama, jer ce te budale opet insistirat da smo mi nesto protiv njih i da su oni jadni. Njima izgleda ni to nije bilo dovoljno, cak ni tkav gest je njima malo. De mi recite sta bi to vas zadovoljila? Da se mi Bosanci predamo i da dadnemo pola svoje drzave jednima pola drugima, il bi Srbi i tad nasli razloga za kukanje? Bil Srbi tada smatrali da ih sljeduje cijela Bosna? Sta hoce Srbi?

I nemoj mi molim te da nisu Srbi bili Agresori? Eto Bosanci jesu? Ma nemoj! Bosna dobila samostalnost (nas cilj) i onda je vrsila agresiju na Srbima, ali NE u Srbiji nego u Bosni? – jel ikome tu ima logike? Pa da smo htjeli vrsit agresiju na Srbima sto nismo otisli u Srbiju? Aha! Zato sto nismo mi vrsili agresiju. A ako kome naupadne da smo svi poceli pucat u isto vrijeme, evo mog odgovora “hahahahaha Jel se to mi igramo magaraca” – pa dvoje djece kad se posvadja jedno je prvo udarilo drugo, a nekamoli rat u jednoj drzavi. Plus, to sto je Meliha spomenula da su jedni bili naoruzani, a ostali nisu.

U bosni se koristi pismo iz Hrvatske i pismo iz Srbije, a dje nam je pismo Bosansko. Al mi Bosanci smo takvi, haj nek je mir dovoljno je ova dva. Samo jos da neko to cijeni.

U Bosni je i dan-danas slobodan dan subota i nedelja, a petak je radni – sta ti to govori?

Sve dok Srbi ne prihvate svoju gresku, nema nama napred.

A eto Meliha vas je lijepo pozvala. Haj da budemo samo bosanci/bosanke? Svi skupa u skladu odani svojoj Bosni; mozel tako?

D: No I can not call my self like this .
I do not believe in institutional religion.
My father is Serb ,my mother is Bosnian .
My father was born in BiH in a Serbian family ,like one and a half milion Serbs across BiH .
And this is your problem you do not want to recognize Croats or Serbs in BiH but you would respect them if they call them self Bosnians. … See More
Like you want to be independent from Jugoslavija people do not want to give up from they roots.
And the EU and UN know this because that you have two entitys .
I hope we will call ourselfs Bosnian or Herzegovians (all) in one or two hundred years from now on .
But we would never be real one like we were in Jugoslavija .
Maximum we will be like the Swiss .
For all people we will be Bosnians but we will know the diffrence .
Like Germans ,French,Italian know the diffrence .
And if you wanna achieve that it is better that we work on the economy and not on that what will never happen .
Serbs or Croats to remove from Bosnia and Herzegovina ,or elimnate and ethnic clinsing of all Bosniacs and so on .
That will never be the case .
But you can call me for now Bosnian Serb.

You maybe did not wanted a muslim country but your leader Izetbegović wanted this .
From the start .
Why he called the mudžahedin to fight for him .
That was a few hundred they did not really make a diffrence but what was the message .
And you had also your guns from the start how can you explain the killing of the JNA soldiers in Tuzla or Sarajevo .
When they retreat and that was also eranged with Armija BiH.
But what happened ??
That is all historys(you have three historys on West Balkans).
You can only learn from the past and that you do not repeat the misstakes .

Me: What would you call yourself if you changed your religion and became a Buddhist?

Izadbegovic accepted help from anyone who would give it – just goes to show how desperate we were at the time. yeah, we had a few guns, after all there were some people in the police and army even on the Bosnian side?

Yougoslavian National Army had all its tanks … See Morepointed towards my town as soon as the war started – I saw this myself. The major closed the bridge so that they can come to the town, then he paid them to leave peacefully. They did, but on the way out they left all their weapons in the serbian village that overlooked the town. Our guys followed them and took all the guns. They also found maps where concentration camp was supposed to be and I must tell you the idea of being left to die in one of the mines still scares me. Why did we do that? Well, we learned from Doboj. Do you know what happened in Doboj? How about Prijedor? Bjeljina? So after all those lessons, what would you expect? And go through the incident with Tuzla and Sarajevo again? But read more then what is reported in Serbian papers; you are half Bosnian after all 🙂

The only way we will not repeat the mistakes is if we get to the truth. however, I think our priority should be to get rid of Republika Srpska. Get one govermnet – that’s the only way any country can funcition (heck Ancient Greeks learned that – they had many kings and Homer writes very clearly in Iliad how that does NOT work and no country has more then one exactly for that reason). And get ready to reap the benefits and live the kind of life our rich, gifted little country can give us.

N: Ah da…..a da pogledamo izvestaj istraznih organa medjunarodne zajednice o Markalama…..sta ono bese pise u njemu…..Sa cije strane je dosao projektil-sa Muslimanske……Znaci bajka glasi ovako-minobacacki vod vojske RS je zasao u dubinu teritorije pod kontrolom Armije BIH,namestio svoj minobacac,podesio parametre,pogodio sve iz prve na slepo(sto bi se reklo u zargonu),sacekao da svane i okupi se narod,pa onda mirno raspalio po pijaci……e tako glasi bajka……a istina je sasvim drugacija

I s druge strane,nisu li Arapske zemlje finansirale Armiju BiH……nije li to finansiranje stvaranja Muslimanske zemlje na teritoriji Evrope…..kad me vec vucete za jezik

I sto se Srebrenice tice,sto ne pomenete Kravicu,Bratunac i ostala mesta,ciji dogadjaji su predhodili Srebrnici…..Ciji ono bese ratnici sekose Srpske glave(imate snimke na youtube pa gledajte)kao da su od papira?Jel to bese Naserova teritorija na kojoj nestade u plamenu selo Kravica i ostala sela u okolini?E pa bogami jeste!!!!I usput,kako to da se stotine imena pobijenih u Srebrnici odjednom pojave kao zivi na izborima????Da li su to vaskrsli mozda???

I draga moja Meliha……u svom prezimenu na kraju imas odgovor na pitanje o tome ko si i sta si…..da ti pomognem,krije se u zadnja dva slova prezimena-IĆ…….A ti iyvoli,navedi mi makar jedno Muslimansko(ali pravo Muslimansko prezime),koje se zavrsava na IĆ……

Me: N: You have just shown all I needed you to show; thanks! Yes, there are some in this world who would still like to claim that the killings of Jews in World War II didn’t happen – who are you like now? Their(those killed in Srebrenica) bones are being dug up – so unless they have the ability to vote as broken sceletons, what are your thoughts. … See MoreOr are you of the belief that those sceletons were placed there and they are not really the people they (people who test DNA) claim they are? I can imagine that it would take huge amounts of strength (the kind I doubt you have) to admit this kind of mistake. I’m sure Serbia thought Bosnia would go the way Sandzak did – well, oops, things did not turn out that way now, did they?

So in your view my surname isn’t evem Muslim, but I want a Muslim country? Hmm? And your proof that I want a Muslim country is because I accepted help from Muslims at the time my life depended on HELP, any help? We accepted help from anyone who offered it and in any form they offered it; and thank God it was not just the ‘Muslims’; there were many many others who helped. And you need to understand that I’m a Mulism because of my beliefs about God, nothing to do with where I am from, who my family/ancestors were; I’m a Muslim with a British passport and Bosnian passport equally. You can tolerate it or not, however, since I have shown you respect and humanity don’t you think you owe me the same? I respect your beliefs (I mean religious beliefs), but I can not and will not accept your belief that you have same rights in Bosnia as I do – you are a Serb – different nationality!

In a number of countries in this world Bosnian-Serbs would be labled as traitors and exicuted for it – they are very lucky to live in Bosnia, a country that will not exicute them for that and has not (yet, at least) labled them as traitors. Bosnia is now a seperat country from Serbia. Deal with it! We got our independance before any other Republic of former Yug. – thru that’s only because alphabetically we are first; but hey!

Imagine if African-Americans now got up and said they want America to be part of Africa? What do you think Americans would do? Bow to those wishes? – and it’s still not the same since there are 2 oceans between them, yet there is only one river between us.

And do you think Srebrenica is the only place of mass murder? Please stop trying to make yourselves as victims. If nothing else Serbs in Bosnia had someplace to go – I hear they are quite fond of Serbia. As a Bosnian, Bosnia is my only country, all others are strange places I felt no connection to.

D: Do you know what we can learn from the pastes on this teritory Meliha .
Serbs can learn that they never should organize a country like Jugoslavija or SHS or Kingdom Jugoslavija .Because sooner or later they will be betrayed(Slovenian,Croats,Bosniacs,Montenegros,Macedonians)
Bosniacs must learn where it place is . Otoman Empire is long gone and that… See More from now on they must be millitary neutral .
Then when they step on Croatian or Serbian side shit is gonna happen like it happens .
And the Croats are slowly learning that they will be Europas slaves for everthing .
Unstead they could be equal in a state like Jugoslavija like the other people .
But they like to be slaves .

Me: D: That’s not what I would learn, but I do respect your opinon; tho it is very differnt to mine. I think we should learn that it is very dangerous to join Serbia, because sooner or later they will want to rule and consider it their right – i.e. if you give them a finger they will pull your arm out of your hip.

Serbs and Croats and all … See Moreothers must know where Bosnia is and that we have nothing to do with the Ottomans – as you say they are long gone and we are now a seperate country demanding respect as a seperate country. … If I may I will say one other thing about the whole Ottoman empire issue. Serbs are so quick to play a victim there too and talk about how badly Ottomans treated them, and there is one little part of me that wishes that were true, because if Ottomas were only as half as bad to Serbs as Serbs like to claim, after 400 years of rule, All Serbia would have been Muslims long ago and we wouldn’t have the problems now. However, there is the other part of me… We’ll deal with it, let integrity and diginty win.

When any country (including Bosnia) becomes independant, siding with another country against that country will cause issues, and worse issues then this to happen. – that’s a general rule in my opinion that all people must respect: You must respect the country you live in!!!

In my opinion, we were NOT equal in Yugoslavia. Far from it! In fact I am surprised anyone can claim that Europe is more enslaving then Yugoslavia was.

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Generally this is clasified as the strongest emotion. We know it comes in many forms and one of them is expressed in a very ‘unique’ way – I mean unique because all other kinds of love are expressed in pretty much the same way, except this one. This one is reserved, or some assume it is reserved for just one person (I think women are more likely to claim this then men; although when it comes to men they might be more about the way this form of love is expressed then about the emotion itself – I donno!). It’s been written about so much and throughout time that we can say it stands to prove that something s about humans never change. Wars have been fought because of it (strange idea, I know, but its true), people have died for it (Romeo and Juliet stylie), the sacrifices some have faced for it, etc… but when it comes to love I often wonder how much changes when it’s one way. OK… Before I go on I’m going to name some kinds of ‘love’ so that when I talk about a specific type of love I don’t have to keep describing it.

I’ll start with the one I am closes to:

Family – so the kind of love you have for your mother, father, siblings, gradparents; I’m  going to call that love Sun-Love.

Friends: that plutonic kind of love for people you just happen to meet on your journey through life and you love them; this one I’m naming Star-Love

Country: Commonly known as patriotism; I will call Moon-Love.

Other places: Sometimes we have love for places where we’ve lived, or had a nice time, or liked to look of, etc. I’m calling this one Pluto-Love.

Other people: So just human race in general. I am tempted to put animals in here as well, since I think many people in this day and age feel as passionetly about animals as they do about humans; but I’m not going to. I will put animals with other things; this one is White-Love.

Other things: This could be anything like things to do (art, travel, music, etc), objects (things we’d like to own or do own) and animals. This one I’m calling; Blue-Love.

Then there is the love of God: In this one I’m including all the mythical/unseen creatures that we may believe in (like angels), all the people who claimed they were sent by God and we believed them (like prophets) and the life after death (many don’t even think about this or believe in it, but I do so I’m including it – there will be more on the ‘why’). This love I will call Divine-Love

And last is the one that demands it be expressed in physical form (I’m not claiming other forms of love do not demand some actions that would prove you feel them; but I think you know what I mane – there will be more), the one and only 🙂 Fool’s-Love.

The last one I am calling Fool’s-Love because of all of them I think that’s the one that makes a fool of us the most. Not only if you are the one feeling it (i.e. giving it) but also if you are under the illusion that someone is feeling it/’giving’ it to you. And I think the biggest of fools in this category are the ones who think that just because someone loves you that way they will let you abuse them and treat them any way you want to. It’s like that say “Honey, just because I gave you my heart it does not mean I’ve parted with (said goodbye to) my brain”.

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It’s all about the chestnuts

The greenest of hills                                                                                                                             The purest of rivers                                                                                                                          It was time to go                                                                                                                     Another grenade flew                                                                                                                       In a broken train                                                                                                                           Down the memory lane                                                                                                          Nothing will be the same.

We departed with a case                                                                                                     Numbers of families                                                                                                                             One chase                                                                                                                                             I wish I could erase                                                                                                                         But I can’t fail to remember                                                                                                           My mother’s tearful eyes                                                                                                                That damned November.

Can a refugee find a home                                                                                                                Birds had already flown                                                                                                             Escaped the dreaded sight                                                                                                                Of that cold November night.

Waving at those escaping                                                                                                                  Waving at those remaining                                                                                                         Hopes rise high                                                                                                                             Voices fall low                                                                                                                                  Into pray-full whisper                                                                                                                   God help us!                                                                                                                                     Bring us back our past                                                                                                                  You are forever Just.

Tear me not away                                                                                                                            With me You must stay                                                                                                                   Be all that I will miss                                                                                                                      My hopes, friends, my very first kiss                                                                                                On the corner of that street                                                                                                     Whose name I can never remember                                                                                               Under the tall tree… God!                                                                                                          Even then it was November!

Roasted chestnuts in my hand                                                                                               Fingers black from their peel                                                                                                    Paper corn warm of their heat                                                                                                    And their fruit tastes so sweet.

The train halted to a stop                                                                                                            Panic rose and wouldn’t drop                                                                                                        The sky was filled with stunning stars                                                                                  Bullets cut the air; shining scars                                                                                                        But all I could smell                                                                                                                             were roasted chestnuts.

Death came for them                                                                                                                           not for us                                                                                                                                           As the train moved away                                                                                                                To abandon our past                                                                                                                           I saw barrels of chestnuts                                                                                                     Roasted in the distance                                                                                                             Smoke lifted…

One was planted                                                                                                                               on the day of my birth                                                                                                                         To mark my arrival                                                                                                                             to this earth

In my grandfather’s yard it took root

But much too young to bare fruit.

It hadn’t yet blossomed,                                                                                                                    I watched it closely                                                                                                                          My grandfather promised                                                                                                             We would toast it                                                                                                                                 He will defend it,                                                                                                                          Even in his death                                                                                                                                 I need not worry                                                                                                                                   I’m sure of it.

But what if he can’t                                                                                                                         What if he must surrender                                                                                                            My chestnut tree                                                                                                                           Will have no defender.

It’ll face the saw                                                                                                                         They’ll cut it down, I’m sure

Hills burned                                                                                                                                Rivers turned red                                                                                                                            My grandfather’s yard                                                                                                                         Just another bed                                                                                                                              For lifeless bodies                                                                                                                           Hugged by the roots                                                                                                                         Of plants and trees                                                                                                                           In the forest of memories                                                                                                              Life moved underground                                                                                                             Over the ground,                                                                                                                                 it couldn’t be found.

The train kept moving                                                                                                                  Further and further away                                                                                                               Years of distance                                                                                                                          With no light on the way.                                                                                                                    And I can’t recall                                                                                                                           That aroma no more                                                                                                                            The smoke is gone                                                                                                                          The emptiness is sore                                                                                                                     Why couldn’t they leave                                                                                                                      My chestnut tree?

Of all that they stole                                                                                                                            I have one regret                                                                                                                                I never tasted the fruit                                                                                                                    Of that chestnut tree                                                                                                                   Planted in honour of me.

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Pearl in hourglass

Another grain of sand                                                                                                               Makes its way through                                                                                                                    To the golden ocean                                                                                                                         Waves are still                                                                                                                                      Nothing moves

What does the grain                                                                                                                           Mean to the ocean                                                                                                                        Passed by                                                                                                                                           No commotion                                                                                                                         Limited somewhere                                                                                                                         No one knows                                                                                                                                  Existing everywhere                                                                                                                    Without flows.

Rain falls                                                                                                                                             Wind blows                                                                                                                                    Oceans rise                                                                                                                                        To break the stones                                                                                                                       Years of unknowns.

Nothing remains                                                                                                                               Of so many grains                                                                                                                  Peacefully went through                                                                                                       Ignoring importance of solitude                                                                                              Importance of refuge in a shell                                                                                                       At the heart of the ocean                                                                                                                     All is well.

Grant me a grain                                                                                                                              Wise and strong                                                                                                                             One grain                                                                                                                                         Millions among                                                                                                                                 One grain                                                                                                                                        Like no other                                                                                                                               Around my neck                                                                                                                          Hung it like a feather.                                                                                                                           In its perfection                                                                                                                           None can have objection.

Heavens have planned it                                                                                                           Everyone has it                                                                                                                                Mine is on its way                                                                                                                             Or at least that’s what they say.                                                                                                 One perfect moment                                                                                                                         It survived the whirl                                                                                                                     One grain of sand                                                                                                                           Turned into a pearl.

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